Rector Search

Welcome our new rector, the Rev. Lauren Kuratko
A Letter from the Grace Church Senior Warden, Mark Browne

JULY 8, 2019

Dear Grace Church Community:
I am pleased to announce that the Reverend Lauren Kuratko has accepted the call of Grace Church to be its next Rector. She will begin her tenure as Rector in mid-August. We are extremely blessed to have Lauren joining us. She brings to Grace Church her significant energy, enthusiasm, and creativity rooted in her love of ministry.
Originally from Montgomery, Alabama, she graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis in 2002. Since ordination, she has served parishes throughout the South, most recently at St. Martin’s in Atlanta, where she was the Associate Rector and subsequently the Priest Left in Charge during a rector transition. At St. Martin’s she focused on family ministries, building relationships between the church and school, and creating ways for all parishioners, from the youngest to the oldest, to be involved in the life of the parish.
Lauren moved to Westchester County in January 2018 when her husband, Ryan, who is also an ordained Episcopal priest, accepted a position with the Diocese of New York. She served for six months at Christ’s Church in Rye, and as a supply priest throughout Westchester, most frequently for Christ Church in Bronxville, St. Luke’s in Eastchester, and St. John’s in Larchmont. Lauren and Ryan have two sons, Wystan (5 ½) and Simeon (3 ½), and are expecting a third child in October.
The success of our search for a new Rector is the result of the significant efforts of many in our parish over the past year. Particularly thanks are due to Marc Gouran for chairing the Search Committee and to those who served on it.
I very much look forward to having Lauren and her family join our community at Grace. I hope you will join me in offering a warm welcome to her at her first Sunday service, August 18. As I know many are away on vacation over the summer, Grace Church will also plan to hold a welcome reception in mid-September; more details will be forthcoming.

Mark Browne
Senior Warden

June 9, 2019

The search committee informed the Vestry of the candidates selected as finalists in the search.  It passed the applications of the finalists to the Vestry as well.  The Vestry, which is now charged with selecting among the finalists, has created an interview schedule, has begun interviewing the finalists, and aims to complete the interviews and make its decision by the end of June.    

The Rector Search Committee is continuing to move towards our goal of calling a new Rector.  We have narrowed the candidate pool down, submitted that group to the Diocese, for their vetting and approval of the slate and are in the process of doing 90 minute, highly detailed video conference interviews with the best of the candidates, as well as viewing sermons on YouTube and using other tools.  The committee will also be sending members to see these candidates preach, and attend their coffee hours as part of the final stage of our process.  Once that is completed, the committee will decide on a small group of finalists (likely 2-3) and submit those to the Vestry (and Diocese), in early June.  The Vestry will then do the final assessment of those candidates, face to face interviews at Grace Church, host a dinner and a tour, pray for guidance and call the new Rector.  We are on schedule and have outstanding candidates.

May 12, 2019

APRIL 21, 2019

The Rector Search Committee is making excellent progress.  We received a substantial number of qualified applicants which have been evaluated carefully by the committee.  The candidate pool has been narrowed down to a smaller group and that list was submitted to the Diocese, which has vetted them internally and approved them. Our next step is to interview and complete more detailed evaluations of this group, in order to submit our three finalists to the Vestry, which will then evaluate the finalists, make the ultimate decision and call our next Rector.  We are on schedule and have an excellent group of candidates to choose from.

APRIL 2, 2019

The committee is happy to report that we have reached the end of the “Receiving Names” portion of the search process, and that we have gotten a substantial number of high quality applications.  We will now begin the process of evaluating in detail each candidate, which will include reviewing the resumes and other submitted materials and doing preliminary phone interviews, leading to face to face or SKYPE interviews with a smaller group of the best candidates. Because of the confidentially required by the Diocese we will not be able to share any details about the candidates, or even the number of applications at any point in our process, but we can tell you we have a very high quality group of interested and talented candidates.

February 6, 2019

Note from the Grace Church Rector Search Committee:  The committee has finished the parish profile and the position has been posted on the national website, where candidates may apply.  We will be beginning the candidate evaluation process soon.  You may refer to the “Journey Through Change” pdf (Click here) to follow the process, or speak to a committee member for an update keeping in mind the confidentiality parameters of the search.